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Welcome! The Famous Uncle is a collective of individuals that collectively individualizes collective and individual experiences for individual or collective entertainment purposes. Or the other way around. 

The Famous Uncle was born immediately. A fully formed adult with a continuously evolving take on the human condition. 12 seconds after birth, The Famous Uncle knew that stories had to be told, through the medium of sounds and lights, with the purpose of reflection and lightheartedness. 


“The world needs lightheartedness” said The Famous Uncle during an interview in 1983, right before flying away in a jet-pack. Well, The Famous Uncle believes it was 1983 but it was actually January 2nd 2021, 24 hours after birth: you see, The Famous Uncle doesn’t perceive time like the rest of us. The Famous Uncle only perceives what is happening right now, and right now the first album “Confusingly Profound” is about to be released. It’s about to be released in the near future, but right now.


In a world where chaos and misinformation reign supreme, The Famous Uncle brings clarity by sharing a kind of confusion that makes people go “that is ridiculous, but now I know the truth!” 

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